Get out, “Get MONEY” For Your Timeshare..DONT PAY thousands if you can sell it!

Call right now and speak to one of our agents.  You could be out of your timeshare easier than you think. Before you contact some timeshare exit “specialist” and before you pay someone thousands of dollars, call us now and you may be surprised to find that instead of paying someone, you might get out of your timeshare for nothing or YOU MIGHT GET PAID INSTEAD  no matter what you have been told. Before you rely on a company recommended to you by some TV ad or radio personality, could the recommendation be because its a sponsor and paying for the ads? You will get more facts, more fairly treated and will be much, much better informed before making any decision whether you work with us or somebody else.  Call now 1-800-844-8404 .

Selling your Timeshare

As in any business, there are professionals with a high sense of quality and service who strive to maintain that level through integrity. Unfortunately, there are also many in today’s market who do not. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. As a property owner/seller, you should never be asked for fees at any time during the sales process. If you want to sell your timeshare, give us a call for a competent evaluation of your timeshare or complete the form below with the basic details and we will be happy to respond.

We currently have buyers for Wyndham Club Access vacation packages AND Worldmark credits.  Call if you are interested in selling and listing with us.

We want to list your Wyndham,  Marriott,  Hilton, or Hyatt timeshare property.  There is no charge for listing, no up front fees. No risk in listing with Resort Property Marketing International.  We will NOT be calling you just before a closing to inform you of some “marketing and administrative” fees that you were not expecting.  We collect a commission only at closing AND ONLY if we succeed in finding a buyer for your property resulting in a completed transfer out of your name.  You will know everything concerning fees before you list with us.  Nothing else..no surprises..no unexpected costs to sell.

So if you have a timeshare and want or need to sell, call us today.

  • Never Any Upfront Fees to List!
  • Ask your agent about our “Special Program” to feature your property on Ebay for 30 days!


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