Vintage Landing at Four Seasons Resort!!

This is week 16, last week of April, at Vintage Landing in Four Seasons, Missouri.  Beautiful setting on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  Owner has retired to the west coast and is ready to let go of this beautiful property.  Mid spring in the Ozarks Mountains is the absolute best time and you don’t have to fight for a reservation.  This is two bedrooms plus a lockoff for guests. A view of the lake harbor and the price is right.  Annual dues are a very reasonable $773.  That’s barely $100 a night. You can’t stay at a motel for that and you get a condo!!

Its ONLY $999 plus closing costs.  This just cant be beat.   

Calypso Cay Resort in Kissimmee/Orlando!.
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82,000 annual points with a December 1 usage year at Kissimmee/Orlando. Near all the attractions of Orlando and short drive to the Gulf or Atlantic. Dues are only $75 monthly.  Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, World of Harry Potter and more. All near Calypso Cay and the PRICE?

1 DOLLAR…that’s not a misprint..owner says $1 plus closing costs!

Wyndham Onshore Resort in Newport FOR $995.

Newport Onshore Resort sits right on the bay and this week 39 suite #142 has a waterfront view.  This really is a beautiful small city with a great deal of history packed into the area.  You will not regret staying at Onshore in Newport.  The owner wants you to look no further than right here AT AN UNBELIVABLE PRICE!  Just look below at the PRICE!

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BUY IT NOW PRICE Of $995.00  plus Closing fees! No financing at this price.

Wyndham Pagosa Springs Colorado.

154,000 annual points. October 1 use year. A beautiful vacation spot with year round activities in the mountains.  Monthly dues are $90.10

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Asking price only $2,500.00 plus closing costs!

Wyndham Club Access 400k Points.

400,000 annual points with a July 1 usage year. Fees only $199 monthly! Assume use of dues and points at closing.

Owner is asking $5,500 plus closing costs. Financing is available


Wyndham Ocean Walk, Daytona Beach!!

308,000 annual points with a January 1 usage year. All points available this year ending December 31, 2017. Assume monthly dues of $174 and points at closing to begin a whole new way of vacationing.

Price is just $4,450 plus closing fees!

Wyndham Club Access, over 1.5 Million Points!

1,518,000 annual points with a January 1 usage year and ALL points are still unused and waiting for you to use this year.  Monthly dues are $781. A great package with multiple possibilities for personal family or business use.

Price at only $22,500 plus closing costs of $750!!


Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Village!!
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203,000 even year points at Kona Hawaiian Village in Kailua-Kona on the big island.  Monthly dues are $66.00 with a July 1 anniversary date.

Price is only $1,000 plus closing costs!!

Wyndham Onshore Resort in Newport Rhode Island!.

This is floating weeks 1 through 17 and 47 through 52. Dates are approximately January 1 through end of April and mid November through end of December. Annual fees are $1,400.

Owner is asking $2,995 plus closing costs.


Wyndham Riverside Suites in San Antonio.

This is week 29, a great week with accomodations right on the River Walk! You won’t need your car after checking in here.  Monthly dues of just $92.  You will not a find better or more convenient location than this.  Really, its right on the River Walk and close to all the hottest spots in San Antonio. No reservation hassles because its your full week and no one else can beat you to it.

Owner is asking $1,995 plus closing costs.


RPMI, Resort Property Marketing International Real Estate

Seawatch 1,379,000 annual points at Myrtle Beach!!

Yes, that’s right…1,379,000 points with an October usage year on the ocean at Myrtle Beach. This is a vacation package with so much flexibility for your family or even business use for meetings or employee awards.  Monthly dues are approximately $730.  Closing costs are still only $750 which INCLUDES the Wyndham transfer fee of $299.

$12,995 plus closing cost! Go ahead, check out other listing services and then come back to buy at this price.


1,000,000 annual points.  Yep, an even Million for those who like to vacation BIG!  January 1 usage year.  Monthly  dues of $385. Buyer to pay closing costs and assume use of points at closing.

And the price?  $10,000 plus closing cost.  


Wyndham National Harbor, Washington DC metro

National Harbor really is near everything you want to do or see in nation’s capital and surrounding areas.  Way too many things to see and do on both sides of historic Potomac River.  This is 1,282,00,000 annual points that will reserve the best of the best accommodations at National Harbor Resort.  With monthly dues of just $517 and an anniversary date of January 1, you will have lots of time to plan for 2018 and later.  ALL points are still unused and ready for YOU!

Owner is asking only $7,999 plus closing costs.

Wyndham Club Access 259,000 Points

Wyndham Club Access points give you “Access” to all Wyndham locations around the world with extra reservation capabilities at nearly 70 Wyndham resort locations.  And with a great sized point vacation package like this one you wont be disappointed.  Monthly dues are $134 and it has a January 1 anniversary date.  All this years points are still unused and at your disposal.  Call today!

$4,000 for this ANNUAL vacation plus closing costs. Financing is available on this property!


Wyndham Royal Garden at Waikiki.

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203,000 points in odd years with a January 1 usage year.  With monthly fees of only $52.76 that wont hurt your budget, why not take the grand kids, or DONT,  and enjoy the get away.  Buyer’s closing fees on this property are only $230!!!

Asking $ 600 plus closing fees! Yes that’s right, look again, $600 and closing fees of only $451!!

Worldmark by Wyndham

6,000 annual credits with 12,000 banked and available and you can borrow another 6,000 for a total you can use of 18,000 credits! Anniversary month is April and the quarterly dues are just $160.17.

Priced at $2,295 plus closing costs! Want some FINANCING?  Ask me.  


Wyndham Grand Desert in Las Vegas

189,000 annual points with a September anniversary date.  Buyer will assume points and monthly dues on September 1, 2017.  Monthly dues are just $84. A great entry level vacation package for use at the home resort of Grand Desert AND ALL other Wyndham resorts in the world.

Priced at just $1,800 plus closing costs.


Worldmark 20,000 credits with 35,075 in the bank

Here is an annual Worldmark vacation of 20,000 credits with 25,075 banked with a March 1 anniversary date.  If you act now the owner will throw in another 10,000 credits good till June, 2018!  That’s 35,075 total credits. Monthly dues are $115.62 based on the annual contract amount of 20,000 credits.

Priced at $6,999 plus closing costs!


Tahiti Village...IN LAS VEGAS!!

This is a YEAR ROUND float week in the even years(so you can use it in 2018!). Maintenance fees are just $291 ANNUALLY.  So for less than $600 you will be able to enjoy Las Vegas every other year for a whole week stay in a resort instead of a hotel or motel. And it gets better. You can pay very little, as an owner, and stay EVERY YEAR. This really needs to be looked at folks.

click this image for a panoramic view

UPDATE! Buy it now and get another full week to use in 2018!!

Just $1,995 plus closing costs


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One Seller For All These Bali Hai Vacation Packages!.


168,000 Odd Year Points, January 1 anniversary…only $1,495 and $29 monthly dues

199,500 Annual Points, January 1 anniversary..only $2,995 with $69 monthly dues 

350,000 Odd Year Points, January 1 anniversary….$2,500 and monthly $61 dues

350,000 Even Year Points, January 1 anniversary...$2,500, monthly dues only $65

Call for all the details on these great Hawaiian vacations. Make an offer on all or one!!

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