Here Are Some Real Deals

Wyndham Club Access……………..315,000 annual points, available 01/01/19, dues $166 monthly…….$2,799.00

Wyndham Royal Gardens AT WAIKIKI, HAWAII!!…………210,000 annual points, available at closing, dues $113 AND Royal Gardens 154,000 annual points, all available at closing, monthly dues $60…..BOTH ONLY $2,999.00

Williamsburg Kingsgate……………105,000 with all 105,000 available at closing, monthly dues $53…$999.00

Call Jeff Fudge at 1-800-844-8404 or email for more details on these and other listings.


If you're looking and these prices don't get you, you cant be got!


Wyndham Bonnet Creek……503,000 annual points…….$2,995!!

Wyndham Bonnet Creek…..238,000 annual points……..$1,995!! SOLD

Wyndham National Harbor….400,000 annual points….$3,599!! SOLD

Wyndham Grand Desert…400,000 annual points………..$3,200!!

Wyndham Bonnet Creek……210,000 Even Year points…..$899!! SOLD

Wyndham Ocean Ridge……300,000 annual points………..$2,199!!

Star Island near Orlando…..287,000 annual points……..$1,895!!

Harbor Lights, San Diego….546,000 annual points……..$3,450!!

Williamsburg in Virginia…..616,000 annual points……..$3,500!!

Call Rick Jones at 800-844-8404 or email him at

Buyer pays closing costs on any of these vacations! Call for details.

Wyndham Onshore Resort in Newport FOR $995.

Newport Onshore Resort sits right on the bay and this week 39 suite #142 has a waterfront view.  This really is a beautiful small city with a great deal of history packed into the area.  You will not regret staying at Onshore in Newport.  The owner wants you to look no further than right here AT AN UNBELIVABLE PRICEJust look below at the PRICE!

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BUY IT NOW PRICE Of $995.00  plus Closing fees! 


Wyndham Star Island near Orlando .

Wyndham’s Star Island Resort in Kissimmee/Orlando is near all the entertainment venues in Orlando.  287,000 annual points with a January usage year.  Monthly dues are only $156.65.  Call Rick Jones at 800-844-8404 or email

Owner is asking $2,799 plus closing costs! 


Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort

538,000 annual points with a January 1 usage year. Buyer will assume all 538,000 at closing and assume monthly dues of $268. Of course all points can be used for reservations at any of the Wyndham Resort locations worldwide, not just at Kona.

Contact Rick Jones at 800-844-8404 or email

Price is just $4,999 plus closing costs !


168,000 even year points at Bonnet Creek This resort is ON the Disneyworld site, NOT just near it.  Monthly dues are $53.68 with a January 1 anniversary date.  This is PERFECT for families who don’t go every year to the same place.

Price is only $999 plus closing costs!!

Wyndham Onshore Resort in Newport Rhode Island!.

This is floating weeks 1 through 17 and 47 through 52. Dates are approximately January 1 through end of April and mid November through end of December. Annual fees are $1,400.

Owner is asking $2,995 plus closing costs.


Wyndham Riverside Suites, RIVERWALK, San Antonio.

This is week 29 every year, a great week with accomodations right on the River Walk! You won’t need your car after checking in here.  Monthly dues of just $97.  You will not a find better or more convenient location than this.  Really, its right on the River Walk and close to all the hottest spots in San Antonio. No reservation hassles because its your full week and no one else can beat you to it. Hurry and get your deposit in and the owner will get you in as a guest even before closing for the week beginning July 21st this year!

REDUCED! $1,495 plus closing costs.


RPMI, Resort Property Marketing International Real Estate


Wyndham Ocean Walk at Daytona Beach, 178,000 annual points….$999.00

Wyndham Branson, 154,000 annual points………………………………..$750.00

Wyndham Palm-Aire at Pompano Beach Fl, 154,000 annual………….$899.00

Majestic Sun in Destin Florida, 84,000 annual points……SOLD……..$499.00!

Wyndham Pagosa in Colorado, 84,000 annual points…………………..$350.00!

Wyndham Ocean Blvd, 105,000 even year use………………………………$199.00

Wyndham Cypress Palms, 84,000 near Disney World……………………$350.00

Wyndham Bentley Brook, 105,000 annual points………………………….$299.00

Buyer to pay closing costs and assume use of points at closing.

Call Rick Jones at 800-844-8404 or email

Vail Colorado Vacation Special

You must read this posting!  This is a floating week during weeks 15 to 22 AND weeks 40-47.  If you ever dreamed about being able to afford a week in Vail, then it wont get any easier than this.  And the absolute best part is the maintenance fee schedule; JUST $265 semi-annually.

That’s right, you can stay an entire week in VAIL for $530!!  You can’t do it any better than this unless you stay with your weird uncle or sleep under a bridge!!!

Owner is asking just $1,499! plus closing cost…for a week in VAIL 

WorldMark 6,000 annual credits with 12,000 Banked

 This contract is a 6,000 annual with 12,000 banked and unused.  That means the current owner is gifting you all 6,000 credits unused from last year. Anniversary month is April and the quarterly dues are $168.18

And the price?  $2,250 plus closing cost of $529.  


Wyndham Nashville and its HOT, HOT..REALLY HOT

This is Wyndham Nashville, Music City USA. 154,000 annual points. All points are unused and available in the current usage year.  Dues are $135 a month with an October 1 usage year.

Owner wants only $900″ plus closing costs. The price is firm and well below market value. Owner lives in Australia and cant travel anymore.

Wyndham Ocean Ridge, Edisto Island

182,000 annual points with a January anniversary date.  Buyer will assume points and monthly dues at closing.  Monthly dues are $118. A great entry level vacation package for use at the home resort at Ocean Ridge AND ALL other Wyndham resorts in the world.

Priced at just $1,799 plus closing costs.


Worldmark 10,000 credits, 20,000 banked!! SOLD

Here is an annual Worldmark vacation of 10,000 credits with 20,000 banked with a June anniversary month.  Monthly dues are $69.13…….yeah that’s pretty darn cheap and not a budget buster.  SOLD!!

Priced at $3,799 plus closing costs SOLD!!


Tahiti Village...IN LAS VEGAS!!

The NFL is coming to Las Vegas. Yes the Raiders are moving to Vegas and we have the most affordable timeshare in that WHOLE DANG CITY!!!!!

This is a YEAR ROUND float week in the even years BUT owners can stay a week in the odd years for very little. This resort has been newly updated and is a BARGAIN. WHY? Well, maintenance fees are just $291 ANNUALLY.  You’ve spent that on a bad date.  So stay at a first class Vegas Resort EVERY year for less than a motel with a “number” after the word motel (its a number between 5 and 7).  Did I mention that Tahiti Village Resort has shuttle service to the Strip, shopping AND the Airport! Are you kidding!! Look at the price. Look at the low, low dues. Vegas Vacation!!

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UPDATE! Buy it now and get another full week to use in 2018!! 

$ 995 plus closing costs


Atlantic City at the Skyline Tower!! SOLD

This is an annual 154,000 point deed at Skyline Tower. All points are available for use this year.  Monthly dues are $98 with a March 1 anniversary. So all you have to do is give us a call.  SOLD!

Owner is asking only $1,250 plus closing costs. SOLD


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Wyndham Vacations that are REALLY VERY HOT.


Wyndham Canterbury in San Francisco, 210,000 ODD year usage(begin in 2019), monthly dues only $43.64……………..$999 plus closing

Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation in Myrtle Beach, 168,000 ODD year usage (begin in 2019), monthly dues 51.30…………$795 plus closing

Wyndham Club Access, like a home resort at over 70 Wyndham Resorts……………………………monthly dues 114.34……..$2,195 plus closing

Call for all the details on these great Wyndham vacations. 

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