Here are a few questions that are asked on a daily basis from Buyers and Sellers:


If I buy a resale, do I get the same benefits as I would if I had purchased from the developer?
All deeds or certificates are the same. You are just buying a contract the developer sold to someone else. Occasionally, the developer will offer special programs outside the deed in order to entice you to buy from them and not a resale.  You should compare prices and decide for yourself if you find true value in these special programs.
Why are resales so much cheaper than buying from the resort?
Resale prices are low because all timeshare developers have been selling to the “baby boomers” for more than 30 years. The boomers bought them, used and enjoyed them, but for varying reasons no longer travel and their main focus is getting rid of maintenance fees for a property that they no longer use.  They want to list them for attractive low prices for quick sales.
When I am ready to buy, shouldn't I buy from a company or someone with the best price for a comparative resale?
Not necessarily. There is a lot of misinformation out there concerning timeshare resales, especially on the internet. You have spent a lot of time and effort finding just the right timeshare for the right price. Make sure you are paying for what you think you are getting. Licensed brokers will assure you of that concern and they will have the transaction closed in a professional and timely manner. When using a firm without licensed brokers, you may think you are saving a few dollars, however, it may not be worth it in the end. Regardless of any closing costs or transfer fees, look at the total price and package.
Are there any hidden fees?
Never! As a licensed broker, we will provide you all settlement and other documentation prior to closing.
Are prices negotiable?
Of course that is up to the seller who has agreed to list their property for sale. But as with any sales transaction you will usually find that “everything is open” to negotiation.
Does the seller owe anything in arrears or have any payoff?
Most do not, but if they do, all of that has to be taken care of, by the seller, prior to closing. The developer requires any arrears owed and any payoff, unless it is an assumption. An assumption can be a little cash way to buy a great resale.
Will I get personal service and be kept informed as to the progress of my purchase?
ABSOLUTELY! We pride ourselves on SERVICE BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the sale!
Is it safe to buy on Ebay?
For the most part, yes. Although, due diligence is needed. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and Ebay has it’s share. When purchasing a Timeshare Ownership, you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for! Get everything in writing so that you may verify your purchase before any money exchanges hands. While it may be easy to “bid or make an offer” on property listed by an individual, you may find it difficult to complete the “closing” process. Most local title companies are not versed in timeshare closings making it necessary for you to find a title company on the internet. You would need to exercise due diligence in finding a title company that can honestly and expeditiously close the sale. Buyers should be able to verify there is nothing owing on the account they are purchasing. This will allow the buyer to avoid any surprises once the purchase is complete. To avoid all of this, use a Licensed Real Estate Company, who will provide you all of the correct information in writing upfront.
Should I consider buying from a non-licensed broker or individual?
Because sellers/owners of a timeshare property most often require earnest money at the time of an accepted offer and the subsequent handling of all funds involved in the sale, we recommend only licensed real estate agents who must operate according to the real estate laws of their respective states. 


Will I get personal service and be kept informed as to the progress of my sell?
ABSOLUTELY! We pride ourselves on SERVICE BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the sale!
Can you guarantee the sale of my property?
No. There is no one that can guarantee that. If they do, take your business elsewhere. If they take a fee upfront you should be wary. You wouldn’t pay a commission to a local agent up front to sell your home and selling your timeshare property should be no different.  Be cautious of any offers, verbal or written, that say you will get a refund if your property does not sell as most “up-front” listing firms have no intention of giving your money back.  In fact, up front fees are often described as “marketing and administrative” fees and most likely would never be in consideration for a refund.
Do you provide any incentives to purchase through you?
No, just honest and straight-forward effort. We keep it simple and effective with extraordinary customer service. We are probably one of the few companies on the internet that you actually know who the owners are.
Why should I go with you rather than a larger company?
It’s simple. Sales to Listings Ratio. There are companies out there that take any and all listings regardless of market potential . Generally, it is the upfront fee type companies listing at ridiculous prices in order to get the fees . They have thousands of listings competing while the seller is paying maintenance fees and hoping for a sale which may never come or may come years down the road at real market prices based on supply and demand. For a competent market analysis, call us for real market information.
Who sets the prices?
You do, with our guidance.
What is your incentive to sell?
Commission after the sale closes, unlike upfront fee companies that have no incentive to sell.
Are you a company that claims they can somehow CANCEL my contract?
There are companies out there on the internet, TV and radio that charge from $4000 to $15000 and more that will tell you anything. They will tell you a they have a 100% refund if they don’t get your contract cancelled. If it can’t be sold they will force your contract into a default, then foreclosure and it WILL go on your credit reports.  THERE IS NEVER A GOOD REASON TO USE ONE OF THESE “TIMESHARE CANCELLATION” operations.  If it can be sold, use a real estate agent to list and sell.  If it cant be sold, you are still in control with opportunities to avoid a default.
Should I list with the company that gives me the most net cash?
You should in most cases. Although, if there is a minor difference in the quotes it may be prudent to go with the company that you feel is telling you the truth and not just hyping it to get your listing, then bringing you low offers later. In the meantime, you are paying maintenance fees while waiting for a sale. Go with the company with experience to back up it’s proposal. Length of time in the industry is a good indication of stability in handling properties. Some companies have good relationships with developers and some companies do not. Good relationships assist in smooth and quick closing.