Your reservations are automatically scheduled for you in week 39. This is suite #142 on the waterfront! The historic harbor is just out your window.

Its priced at only $3500 plus closing costs!!!


Wyndham Ocean Boulevard at Myrtle Beach!.

329,000 annual points with an October 1 usage year at Myrtle Beach SC. Dues are only $161 monthly.  An Atlantic Ocean vacation spot is in your future, YES?

Asking price only $5,200 plus closing costs!


Marriott Waiohai Beach Club

A 2 bedroom odd year Platinum vacation at in Koloa, Hawaii on the southern tip of Kauai.  Check out the prices you find on the internet and you’ll see that the listed prices are upwards of $15-18,000. But its here and it really is a hot deal listed at just………………..

$7,500 plus closing costs. We have Financing if you need it. Just ask Angel, Jeff or Rick when you call us!  


Wyndham Bonnet Creek in Orlando

511,000 annual points with an anniversary date of October 1. .  Dues only $253 monthly. Bonnet Creek is maybe the most requested family oriented vacation destination!

Asking price $6,100 plus closing cost! AND We have Financing!


Club Wyndham Access.

1,308,000 Annual points. . January Use year. All points are available for the current usage year

through December 31st!!!

Asking price only $11,500.00 plus closing costs!


Wyndham Club Access 400k Points.

400,000 annual points with a July 1 usage year. Fees only $199 monthly! Assume use of dues and points at closing.

Owner is asking $5,500 plus closing costs. Financing is available


Wyndham Panama City Beach!!

205,000 annual points with a January 1 usage year. All points available this year ending December 31, 2017. Assume dues and points at closing and begin a whole new way of vacationing.

Price is just $3,750 plus closing fees!


Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Village!!

203,000 even year points at Kona Hawaiian Village in Kailua-Kona on the big island.  Monthly dues are $66.00 with a July 1 anniversary date.

Price is only $1,000 plus closing costs!!


Marriott Shadow Ridge, California!!

Shadow Ridge Resort at Palm Desert, California. Beautiful 2 bedroom annual Platinum.  Palm Desert is barely two hours from Los Angeles for a day trip into the city when you are ready for a change from the hot springs, spas and golf courses and shopping in Palm Desert..that is…if you tire of hot springs, spas, golf courses and shopping.

Its yours for just $3,000 plus closing costs. Financing is available!


Marriott Ocean Pointe in Florida!!

On the Gold coast of Florida you’ll find your favorite future vacation spot at Ocean Pointe in Palm Beach Shores, Florida. Located on the outer banks of Singer Island, you can enjoy your entire vacation on the island or venture into neighboring Palm Beach. This 2 bedroom annual gold vacation is listed everywhere for $10,000 to $15,000 all over the internet but Here it’s only…

$5,995 plus closing cost! Go ahead, check out other listing services and then come back to buy at this price. Financing is available!


WYNDHAM Bali Hai in Hawaii

127,000 annual points.  January 1 usage year.  At this price you can enjoy the adventure of a Hawaiian vacation at a price that is affordable for anyone.  Monthly dues are just $73!!  That’s less than satellite TV and cell phone.  Buyer to pay closing costs and assume use of points at closing.

And the price?  $1200…not a misprint…just $1200!  


Stay in a Luxurious Marriott, Hilton or Wyndham Resort

You don’t have to be a millionaire, not even a thousandaire to feel like a million dollars at any one of the worldwide Marriott, Hilton or Wyndham resorts. All world class beautiful resorts in beautiful settings. Beaches, mountains and exotic locations have your name written all over them.  Family spots, or romantic just for two sunsets are just a call away.

Asking prices beginning in the Hundreds. Call or email us today !

Wyndham Club Access Family Size!

608,000 Annual Points.  October 1 usage year. Monthly dues are $289. Buyer to assume use of points and monthly dues at closing.

Asking price $7,100 plus closing fees!


Worldmark by Wyndham.

12,000 annual credits, 24,000 total banked and you can borrow another 12,000!  A December anniversary date. Quarterly dues are only $234.85

Asking price only $5,395 plus closing fees! Financing can be arranged!


Marriott Waiohai Beach Club.

An annual 2 bedroom Platinum Island view in Koloa Hawaii on Kauai Island.  We have a seller that wants you to notice and compare the asking price for this tropical paradise vacation package.

Only $9,500 for this ANNUAL vacation plus closing costs. Financing is available on this property!


Wyndham Royal Garden at Waikiki.

203,000 points in odd years with a January 1 usage year.  With monthly fees of only $52.76 that wont hurt your budget, why not take the grand kids, or DONT,  and enjoy the get away.  Buyer’s closing fees on this property are only $230!!!

Asking $ 600 plus closing fees! Yes that’s right, look again, $600 and closing fees of only $451!!


Wyndham Ocean Walk at Daytona Beach, FL

308,000 annual points with a January 1 usage year. Monthly dues of 150 and its all for just….

$3,495 plus closing costs!!


Worldmark by Wyndham

6,000 annual credits with 12,000 banked and available and you can borrow another 6,000 for a total you can use of 18,000 credits! Anniversary month is April and the quarterly dues are just $160.17.

Priced at $2,295 plus closing costs! Want some FINANCING?  Ask me.  


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