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Wyndham Vacation Properties!.

We have Wyndham properties with 64,000 annual points to in the millions!  We also have biennial, every other year, properties that let you buy small points packages and accumulate two years worth of points for a great vacation experience every other year while keeping your monthly maintenance fees low.  Ask about these every other year properties at any of the Wyndham locations, yes, including Hawaii when going every other year fits your budget.

And of course with the Wyndham points system, you can stay at your home “deeded” resort or simply make a reservation at any Wyndham location making it more flexible to fit your style.

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Wyndham Inn at Long Wharf, Newport Rhode Island

This is a year round flex week with only $900 annual dues for your vacation in historic Newport. With the harbor, fishing, golf, shopping, museums, arts and of course American Revolutionary war history as well as War of 1812 historical sites. It really is easy to find so many things to do and see when you own at Long Wharf.

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Asking price only $2,950.00 plus closing fees! Financing is available.

Wyndham Resort at Long Wharf
Click on this breathtaking view of historic Newport

This is a floating week between weeks of 25 through 35, the best time of year in Newport, Rhode Island.  The ocean views are spectacular. The historical sites dating back into the 1700’s are second to none. The arts, museums, golf and always the shops on the harbor.  Tour the Victorian homes and better yet this area has more homes dating back to pre revolutionary war than any other town, city or village in the country. Hundreds of these 1700 era homes and commercial sites.  Monthly fees are only $83.91

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Asking $4,999 plus closing costs! Financing is available.

Wyndham Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach, SC.

329,000 Annual points. October 1 use year. Dues are only $ 161 per month!. Buyer will assume points and monthly fees at closing.

Asking $5,200 or make an offer! Plus Closing costs. Financing is available.

Wyndham Club Access 400,000!!.

400,000 annual points with a July 1 use year. Take over point usage and monthly dues at closing.  Monthly dues are $199.

Asking price only $5,500 plus Closing fees!. Ask about Financing Options.


Wyndham Branson at the Meadows .

105,000 Annual points with an April 1 usage year.  Maintenance fees are just $63.51 monthly.  Lots of new shows at Branson, large Bass Pro Shop, outlet malls and of course the lakes. All in the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri.

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Priced at just $1,000 plus closing costs! Call us today while this price is still good!!

Wyndham Resort at Pagosa Springs!

Wyndham at Pagosa Springs in Colorado. 154,000 annual points with an October 1 usage year. Mountains, skiing, and those Colorado rivers winding through mountain peaks! Go horseback riding, fishing and always golf nearby. Monthly dues are only $90.

Asking $1,995 plus closing costs.  Financing is available.

Wyndham Club Access 576,000 points!

Club Access points give you special reservation status at almost 70 Club locations. 576,000 annual points with a July 1 usage year.  Monthly dues of only $308.  Pamper yourself, your family, your in-laws(optional!) when you go to a Wyndham resort for your vacations.

Owner says let’s not dicker, just put $4,600 on the sticker!! plus closing costs.


Wyndham San Luis Bay Inn, Avilia Beach California

Year round floating week with a beautiful Pacific Ocean view on the central coast of California.  Annual maintenance fees are unbelievably low at just $676.16!!

ASKING $2,995! CALL US AND MAKE AN OFFER. Financing is available.


Wyndham Onshore Resort in Newport at New BUY IT NOW PRICE!.
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Newport Onshore Resort sits right on the bay and this RED week 39 suite #142 has a waterfront view.  Rhode Island, the smallest state and one of the original 13 colonies, has over 400 pre Revolutionary War homes dating back to the early and mid 1700’s in the immediate area as well as historic homes and sites from the War of 1812. Colonial history, fishing, restaurants, shopping, art museums, casino and live theater productions are so close that you can leave your car parked. Golf is nearby. Just not enough room here to tell the whole story of Newport, and Wyndham Onshore puts you right in the middle. This really is a beautiful spot with a beautiful view. You will not regret staying at Onshore in Newport.

BUY IT NOW PRICED at $995.00 plus Closing fees! Sorry all cash sale at this price.

Wyndham Beach Walk Every Other Year at Waikiki

This is a 210,000 biennial points, “ODD” year usage property at beautiful Waikiki.  Biennial contracts are great entry level properties in Hawaii and are very, very easy on the budget for those who enjoy the occasional vacation to Hawaii, OR at any of the other worldwide Wyndham resorts.  Monthly dues are just $52.23! So when you get to Hawaii you will already have not only a place to stay, but one of the most beautiful locations to enjoy!

Asking $2,500 plus closing costs!  Call today and make an offer for your future in HAWAII !


Wyndham Club Access for Worldwide Vacationing

This is a 105,000 annual points. January 1 usage year with all this years points unused and available to a new owner.  Monthly dues are just $61.25! Great entry level package for you to begin and experience a luxurious Wyndham vacation and you can make reservations at any Wyndham Resort in the world.

Asking $1,500 plus closing costs!  Call today and make an offer for your future in Wyndham resorts!


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Wyndham Kailua-Kona Hawaiian Village, $995??

Yes, 203,000 every other year usage in the EVEN years with a July 1 anniversary for only $995. All 203,000 points will be unused and available on July 1, 2018.  Dues are only $66 monthly to reserve your tropical paradise vacation.

Price To Sell At Just $995 plus closing costs!! 


Wyndham Dolphin's Cove in California! .
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154,000 annual points at Dolphin’s Cove in the L.A. metro area in Southern California and all the attractions in the area like Disneyland, movie and TV locations, Hollywood tours and more.  A January 1 usage year. Monthly dues are $102.

Asking $2,100 plus closing costs. Financing is available.

Wyndham Club Access 320,000 points!

Club Access points give you special reservation status at almost 70 Club locations. 320,000 annual points with a July 1 usage year.  Monthly dues of only $150.  This is an ideal vacation point package size for great vacations at Wyndham resorts

Owner wants to cut to the chase and priced it at ONLY $2,800 plus closing costs.


Wyndham Star Island in Orlando!

Wyndham Star Island Resort in Orlando (Kissimmee).  128,000 annual points with an April 1 usage year. Monthly dues are only $73.69. Close to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World…you get the picture!

Asking price $2,500 plus closing fees. Financing is available.


Wyndham Palm Aire, Pompano Beach-Ft. Lauderdale.
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182,000 annual points.  January 1 use year. All points are available in the current usage year. Take over points usage and maintenance fees at closing. Dues only $101 monthly.  Come enjoy the south Florida region of Pompano, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami just to the south and Boca Raton just to the north!

PRICED AT $1,500 plus closing costs. Financing is available.

Wyndham Royal Sea Cliff!!

Kailua-Kona Hawaii. Ah yes, you can tell your friends you cant make the vacation this year to Bucksnort.  You’ve planned your stay in Kailua-Kona. Sure, say it again….Kailua-Kona!  121,000 annual points.  January 1 use year and all points are available this usage year ending December 31.   Take over point usage and maint. fees at closing. Dues only $68 monthly. Who wants to go to Hawaii?  WE ALL DO!!!

Asking price only $1200 plus closing cost!  Call to make an offer!!! Financing is available.

Wyndham Grand Desert Resort, Las Vegas
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189,000 annual points for you to enjoy at one of the top fun destinations in the world, Las Vegas.  October 1 use year with buyer to assume monthly dues and use of points at closing.  Call us for all the details and then plan your vacation here or at any of the world wide Wyndham locations. Monthly dues on only $83.44

Asking price just $1,800 plus closing cost. Financing is available.


Wyndham Palm Aire Resort in Pompano Beach , FL

300,000 annual points. April 1 use year with all 300,000 usage points available in the current usage year. Dues are $160 a month.  Visit the ocean this year at Pompano!

Asking only $3,950 plus closing costs. Financing is available.


Wyndham Grand Desert in Las Vegas

231,000 annual points with a January 1 usage year.  Monthly fees are $99. There are 102,500 points available in the current usage year and seller will pay in full the dues through 2017 or negotiate the price with you. But we understand that ELVIS (or reasonable facsimiles) is still walking the streets dressed in a white cape!!

Asking $3,500 plus closing costs.

Wyndham Long Wharf in Newport, RI

Come to the ships and sea at Long Wharf.  Lighthouses, shops on the harbor and history back to colonial days with its Revolutionary and War of 1812 history.  There is a lot packed into the smallest state in the union and one of the original 13 colonies.  This is week 27. No reservations to make.  Just show up and ask for the keys to your luxury condo.  Buyer will have use of all accomodations and will assume maintenance fees at closing.

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Asking only $5,495 plus closing fees. Financing is available.

Wyndham Ocean Walk at Daytona Beach Florida

This is 308,000 annual points at Wyndham Daytona Beach.  Monthly dues are 174.00 and it has a January anniversary date with all points still available in the current usage year ending December 31, 2017.  Buyer will assume use of this years 308,000 points and monthly dues at closing.

Owner is asking $4,450 plus closing costs


Wyndham Beach Walk at Waikiki or Makai Cottages at Kauai, TAKE YOUR PICK

Here is the same owner with an 87,000 annual point property at Waikiki Beach.  Reserve every year or use the new “Points Deposit” and accumulate points into the next three years to “pool” a greater number of points for those who want to go to Hawaii every two years or so but not every year.  Dues are only $44.00 monthly. Also have a Makai Cottages in Kauai, 203,000 every other year, Odd year use. Monthly dues of just $72.02!

Owner is asking $1,250 plus closing costs for Waikiki and $1,200 plus closing costs for Makai 

R2326 for Waikiki – R2327 for Makai



Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach, SC..154,000 EVEN year use, $38 monthly dues…asking $1,000

Sedona Resort in Arizona……126,000 annual points, $65 monthly dues….asking $1,200

Pagosa Springs Resort in Colorado….182,000 annual points, $76 monthly..asking $1,800

Smoky Moutains, Sevierville, TN….168,000 EVEN year use, $48 monthly…asking $2,500

Call for all the details on these and more great Wyndham Vacations
J2320, J2318, J2317, J2319

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